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You can tell a lot about a business by the tables that dot their office space. Sound crazy? Sure, it might not be the first thing your client notices when he walks into your office, but it'll be what he's staring at as you navigate him through designs, paperwork and contracts.  

What kind of table style does your organization have? Are you one of these exposed brick agencies with wooden tables that have little dents and mysterious scratches? Maybe you like the sterile round and white look.

That's boring!

Have you ever been excited in an office with plain tables and a People Magazine from 2005 talking about how shocked everyone is at the Brad and Jen break up.

Imagine how the interaction with your client would change if you threw an interactive multi-touch table into the mix? 

First, you would both sit down on the couch with a couple of drinks and relax - "I heard there was an accident on Fiqueroa Blvd, how was the drive over?" Then in your client's conversation, casually tap the designer table to the front of you to transform it into a collaborative canvas - "Wow.Go ahead and place your drinks down, after all it's still a fully functioning table with its chemically strengthened and spill-proof glass.

Swipe through design options complete with motion graphics, walk them through the processes, paperwork and edit things as you go. You both have the power to annotate over these documents - it's literally at your fingertips. 

Finally, email your client a copy of the updates and then he can sign on the virtually dotted line - "Thank you. This was really an amazing experience." 

Interactive multi-touch tables are sweeping the globe in all fields. Think your office doesn't need one?

It does and heres why:

1. Modern and Innovative

It's important to maintain technological relevence and show that you are ahead of the curve. If you don't look like you can keep up with technological advances you might loose the younger tech savy demographic.

More than that by excelling at technology you will prove to your clients the type of business you are and the quality of service you promise.

The Multi-Touch Table in your office will say, "Hey there, isn't this informative and fun. It's just like us. You will get great service and it will be modern and easy for you."

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Isn't that what we all want from the companies that provide us service?

2. Speak their Language

Did you know that the average American spends 5 hours on their smartphone a day? Before you say "No way do I spend that much time on my smartphone," think about all you do on it: play games, check your email, keep a calender, look up reviews on a product you want to buy, look up the meaning of that random word you heard, social media, and texting. Touch screens are becoming the primary medium for consumers. Your clients are going to be familiar with the interactivity of your multi-touch table. They may not grasp the nuance in your field but by using this medium you can communicate with consumers using their language. 

Also similar to Mcdonald's kiosks it gives consumers more power in the process. Not only are you speaking their language and making them comfortable, you will empower and excite with the multi-touch tables.

3. Keeping it Simple

Harvard Business Review cited a study that analyzed what consumers look in a buying experience. It turns out it's simplicity. They want easy navigation. Multi-touch tables can help with navigation by keeping everything organized and at your fingertips. 

No More of This

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More of This

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Interactive multi-touch tables! They're modern, cool, and can be the most flexible and usable thing in your office. It's unlike any other collaborative tool out there. It inhales new ideas without a problem, it gives group-hugs to multi-users, it offers an amazing array of choices when you want to get your pitch across in a memorable way, and you can use it to eat your late night Chinese take-out on (time flies when your having fun.)

The tables in your office are designated areas for transforming ideas into tangibles. It's where most of us begin our greatest pitches and collaborations and with a multi-touch table in your arsenal.

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Author Bio | Casey Dubbs | Horizon Display

Casey Dubbs, Marketing Manager Horizon DisplayCasey Dubbs, Marketing Manager for Horizon Display. Casey is a classic over-achiever who likes to get the job done right and can’t stand when things are left unfinished or with unmet potential. She is passionate about implementing others’ vision into reality. When she is not obsessing over marketing, she can be found on Pinterest trying to find recipes everyone in her family will eat.