What Should My Interactive Digital Marketing Strategy Include?

By Casey Dubbs | Fri, Sep, 08, 2017 @ 08:09 AM

We’ve answered whether your company can benefit from an interactive marketing strategy (The answer: A resounding “yes!”). We’ve illustrated how interactive marketing strategies encourage direct interactions between a consumer and a brand by creating omnichannel experiences and leveraging effective data collection. And we’ve showed how everyone, from beer and wine to retail and cannabis, can benefit from experiential campaigns.

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3 Profit-Driving Benefits of Experiential Marketing

By Casey Dubbs | Wed, Sep, 06, 2017 @ 08:09 AM

Experiential marketing is no longer limited to sharing a brand’s philosophy in a physical space. Whereas guerrilla marketing efforts of the past were meant to add a physical element to your marketing stack, experiential marketing takes things one step further. These days, it’s more about showing your customers how your brand aligns with their purchasing habits through innovative, interactive experiences. Multi-platform, multi-channel campaigns create something that consumers remember.

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How Heineken is Rocking Their Brews with Experiential Marketing

By Casey Dubbs | Wed, Aug, 30, 2017 @ 08:08 AM

The most interesting man in the world. Billy Dee Williams and Colt 45. And those twins. Over the past decades, major beer brands relied on television commercials to portray beer drinking as an often masculine pastime that was reserved for tailgating, camaraderie-building, and after-work shenanigans. This is changing largely because of the burgeoning craft segment.

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