Touch Screens Ease Tensions for First Time Cannabis Customers



For many years, medical marijuana dispensaries have been forced into the shadows, in a legal tug-a-war between state and federal laws. Until recently dispensaries were often dark and dingy, they had tinted windows, security doors and even bars on the windows. Now, as more and more states pass both medical and adult use recreational marijuana laws, the cannabis world begins to step out of the shadows and into the light. With this change comes a growing need for dispensaries to improve their aesthetic, upgrade their technology, and do their best to offer the customers a superior shopping experience.

Dispensaries are now visited by a wide range of patrons, some experienced in cannabis, while other customers know very little about this previously illegal product. First time shoppers often report feeling uncomfortable visiting a dispensary and making a purchase. Dispensaries must work on easing this discomfort by offering a professional atmosphere, and the right tools to help educate these new customers so they can make informed purchases.

As dispensaries begin to upscale their appearance to meet the needs of a budding industry, technology offers the cannabis industry new and unique ways to meet their customer’s needs. Interactive touch screens are being used to help customers learn about cannabis strains, products, their effects, and the benefits. This interactive software allows customers to explore products available at dispensaries, and learn about what products will best fit their individual needs. This state of the art technology also provides a unique and fun experience while simultaneously supporting each customer to find what they are looking for.

“Giving customers the opportunity to explore and learn inside the dispensary takes the whole shopping experience to a new level,” said Brad Zusman, owner of Canna-Daddy’s, a marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon. 

Horizon Display has designed touch screen technology and interactive touch software that is designed to help educate customers about the benefits and effects of different strains and products. Using technology to share this information versus relying solely on the budtenders offers numerous benefits. Although most dispensaries attempt to educate their budtenders much of the budtenders knowledge is often based on their own preferences and personal experience. Informing customers via this touch screen software helps standardize the information given providing reliable consistent and accurate information.

Another benefit is for those customers who feel uncomfortable asking questions, and are more at ease with the anonymity and confidentiality of a digital interaction. Utilizing this type of touch technology also allows the budtenders to spend less time trying to educate customers, which equates to shorter lines, faster purchases, and happier customers.

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